Tuesday, 27 October 2009

givin me the feedback to give to you!

Had my crit this eve on my final website...and, feedback was as kinda expected, the front page is really quite bold and then once i get into my website its jsut quite simple and black and white :S

I did expect that, i was trying to make the inner contents of my site quite smooth and maybe ive been relying on lightboxing too much that its shyed me away from experimenting further with my design, and has covered up the fact that my website is rather quite bare!

Not the best thing to hear as personally i thought it was alright but there is a huge difference between the front page and the rest of my site! There you have it i admit the rest of my website does need touching up!

MAybe if time wasnt such a huge issue with this project i could have done more, much more infact, with this website, and indeed would have liked to! but tbh im quite suprised i go it working at all!!!

As for my font selection, i stand by it because i liked the contrast between the squiggly old fashioned font i used for my logo, and would of liekd to have something similar for my headings etc.but bloody fireworks didnt have the font i wanted! so bit of a pickle there! But im happy with how the font turned out.

I think overall my fatal-flaw was that there was too much free space and the "M" on my page didnt really compare to my main site. Having a look at other peoples work i can see some other ideas that maybe i could have used and although the official project might be over im quote excited to keep working on ym website now in my own time andgetting it to a soloution that works better!

Still, i have enjoyed thsi project much more than the other two ive been working on as it was new and challenging (well okay animation is a bitch) and actually got my quite hooked on experimenting in my free time (not what animation has done so far as im lost with that!)

Signing out for now


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