Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Rationale (So far)

Really do wish I hadnt been ill all of last week with the flu and foolishly my own cooking giving me food poisoning...however, i think ive set the foundations to get my website up and working, still cant get it up on the World Wide Web however really should have got all my other portfolio work up and running, but as i have been short on time due to my own fault, I was trying to get my lightboxing u, which i failed at completly but will continue with this in my own time...

other than that im happy with how my page has turned out,. i wanted it neat and simple and have kept to that. I didnt want a site that wasnt 'me' and i think ive achieved that. 

maybe if we had of had more time i would of experimented more with the site however overall im chuffed!


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